Latest Fashion Belts


Men are still often regarded as an accessory belts are trivial, but how to wear a belt is one of the benchmarks for assessing the ability of male fashion. If you are able to wear the belt right, means you already know how to look good. Conversely, if your seatbelt causes awkwardness or damages the harmonious appearance then you still need to learn how to dress nicely. For more information, you can visit

But you need not worry excessively because the basics of selecting the right belt are not so difficult to learn and mostly relate to everyday logic. While the rest depends on personal taste of each and belts provide a broad space for the expression.
At the beginning belts or what is known as a belt normally used by army soldiers in continental Europe. Where the belt initially serves as a place for slip scabbards at their waists. But with the development now often belts become unisex accessories where men and women can use it as everyday accessories.

Model Type Belt New Men
1.Model Casual
Pastel colors like red bricks make this belt looks trendy and casual. These belts are suitable for you who are young at heart.
2. Formal Classical Model
Belt this model is timeless. Details longitudinal seams neatly at the edges to form an impression of elegance increasingly making formal styles You look classic. Belt type is suitable to be worn during formal occasions when going to the office.
3. Model Casual Elegant
A belt of this model can be used for the formal or casual event. Made of leather with accent wrinkles coupled with a head made of gold-colored metal and dull.
4. Model Webbing
Model belt this one is unique, made of leather that is arranged as in the case of webbing. But with the model mentioned webbing belts made from Mulberry Plaited looks cool and elegant with a mix of brown color.
How to choose a belt that is Good:
1. Have some belt

Should you have several belts in your closet so that your belt durable and not easily damaged.
2. Buy a quality belt

I recommend buy a belt which raw materials are made of genuine leather. Because belief you will never lose when you dare to invest in terms of appearance. For leather itself can use the leather from cowhide or another animal, adjusted to taste.
3. Mix and match with your clothes

Before you wear a belt with a solid match outfit you wore at the time lest you look tacky. For color may be black and brown can be your first choice.
4. Do not add holes

For those who were thin. If you buy belts and belts that greatness for you so do not add holes through your local salesperson to buy belts offer services to add a hole.
So it’s important to measure your waist first circle and cut more parts. Because the belt is designed to have 4 or 5 holes only.

5. Having used the release of pants

Most men are reluctant to release a belt of trousers that have been used and instead hang pants along with a belt that is still wrapped in the pants. And know precisely pal seem trivial thing will quickly ruin your belt.